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Private Cremation/Urns

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Monterey Bay Loved Pet


If you wish, you may have the ashes of your pet returned to your home.  You can also plan to attend your pets cremation or choose body burial at Monterey Bay Loved Pet Pet Cemetery.

Dr. Wensing can provide the transport of your pet to Monterey Bay Loved Pet.  She will provide you with the necessary information to contact MBLP directly to instruct them on the exact urn and engraving you would like for your pet.  The private cremation service with most urns costs approximately $220.  Payment for private cremation/urn will be directly to Monterey Bay Loved Pet.

Below are a few urn options available through Monterey Bay Loved Pet.   Many more urn choices can be found on the Monterey Bay Loved Pet website.   Visit Monterey Bay Loved Pet at their website: www.MontereyBayLovedPet.com